Being vegan is not only about eating vegetables and fruits just because they are good for your health; rather, it is the complete change of one’s thinking and lifestyle. If you are planning to go vegan but lack motivation, keep reading to find reasons for going vegan. You should go vegan for:

Your Health

The health benefits of going vegan are endless and this is the most important reason more and more people are turning to veganism. Fruits, vegetables, pulses, herbs, seeds, nuts and everything else that vegans eat is so healthy and contains high amounts of essential nutrients and low quantities of saturated fat that it will not only protect you from health issues, but will also make you look younger than your age, give you beautiful skin and hair and will keep you active as well.

To Secure Animals

Going vegan is also an attempt to protect innocent animals from being exploited and used by humans just to fulfill their needs. All living creatures have the right to live freely and humans have no right to consider animals as inferior beings and kill them to serve their purposes; for food, clothing and making accessories to name of few.

To Protect Our Planet

Human beings have been making various efforts to control the environmental pollution in order to save the planet from destruction. Avoiding all animal products is among the most effective ways of lowering the carbon footprint. According to research, the meat industry is contributing around 20% to manmade pollution, which means it is contributing more to the greenhouse effect than the transportation industry.

Another research estimated that by excluding animals from their diet and by becoming vegan, each person can save around 50 animals a year, which will ultimately result in less pollution and a reduction in the greenhouse effect.

Additionally, the United Nations has reported that fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce, with the livestock sector accounting for nearly 1/10 of global human water use. Therefore, by turning towards a vegan lifestyle, we can also help in the conservation of water.


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