Erectile Dysfunction: Are You A Man Or A Woman?
First, I like to start off by saying this is in no way meant as a joke, game, or an attempt to demoralize anyone. This is, however a call out to all men and women that are with or raising young men. Erectile Dysfunction also known as ED/Impotence is failure to maintain or achieve an erection long enough for healthy sex. Sexual activity is absolutely a normal part of human existence and even in most religions one of the biggest rules is to be fruitful and multiply. With that being said, if you cant “keep it up” you by default, break this important rule.
So, what causes impotence? Impotence is caused by Dis-ease in the body or your body NOT being at EASE. This dis-ease can interfere with circulation, stress and emotions which can lead to impotence. Some of these dis-eases go by but aren’t limited to: genital disease, drugs(including anything you add fire to or light up) heart disease, high blood pressure, even diabetes. What is not widely acknowledged is the NON diseased causing factors of impotence such as: excess estrogen, alcohol, clogged arteries from poor nutrition/health and for my healthy guys “Over Training”
Whats the use of having a nice body if you cant use it, right fellas?
Now, what this boils down to is the impotent male is sick with poor quality sperm and in essence the body is protecting the woman from this poor quality sperm. You gotta love nature! So, with this in mind you Men need to work on eating a cleaner diet, no fried foods, no processed sugar, less drugs/alcohol, less animal products.
Yohimbe – *Magic Moss – Maca – Horny Goat – Gotu Kola – Pumkin Seeds – Raw Nuts/Seeds – Dates -*Saw Palmetto
* Indicates the herbs/vegetables that are said to be used in history as pre-sexual rituals, where men take these before sex to maximize sexual ability.

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