A majority of people think that the only reason a person opts for the vegan lifestyle is because they feel sympathetic towards animals which are killed just to satisfy a human’s craving for meat. Although this is definitely one of the reasons, it is not the only one!

Veganism is a lifestyle (and not a diet) that is greatly beneficial for the environment and for human health as well. The numerous health benefits of going vegan have been scientifically proved. That is why more and more people are turning towards veganism as time progresses.

Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Research studies have proved that animal proteins and fats increase the risk of a person catching various diseases. These include diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few.

According to a research study conducted by Dr. Mingyang Song and his colleagues from the Harvard Medical School, Boston and Massachusetts General Hospital, with every 10% increase in your total calorie intake and in the amount of annual protein you take, a chances of death increases by 2%. And when it comes to death from heart diseases, the same change increases the risk by 8%. The study was conducted on 131,342 participants and was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine.

Some people mistakenly believe that they are bound to get certain diseases, such as diabetes, joint pain and high blood pressure, with increasing age. However, in reality, you can not only stay away from these diseases throughout your life, but can also reverse their harmful effects. Yes, you read that right!

A study published in the Journal of Urology showed that by making drastic changes in your lifestyle and diet, early stage prostate cancer can be stooped from progressing and its effects may even be reversed in men.

According to the statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO), 63% of all deaths in the world in 2008 occurred due to non-communicable chronic diseases. It considered poor dietary habits as a major factor behind the development of various chronic diseases.

How to Go Vegan?

When the numerous benefits of going vegan have convinced you and you have made up your mind to change your lifestyle, do it the right way. Rather than making it a ‘one night’ transformation that could leave you craving for certain foods, go slow instead.

Start by excluding one item from your diet at one time. For example, you can start with red meat and then move towards eliminating chicken, fish and dairy one by one. After eliminating each item, give your body some time to adjust. Also, make sure to supply your body with essential nutrients from plant sources to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

As you start this transformation, drink lots of water so that all the toxins are naturally removed from your body.

It is perfectly normal to crave for certain foods during this journey, but rather than indulging in comfort foods, try to deal with the real cause of those cravings. Your body might be suffering from mineral deficiency or you might be going through an emotional upheaval. Try to pinpoint the actual cause and deal with it rather than having that huge steak to curb your craving for something salty.

Emotions have been proved to be linked with cravings. It’s your job to maintain control over them and find a more viable and favourable solution instead.

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