Known as one of todays most popular body parts amongst women and men, a nice butt motivates many people. Although butt size and shape are often thought to be determined by race or genetics, the glutes are simply a group of muscles…meaning anyone can build or reshape their butt.

Just like the chest, back, bicep or tricep muscles, the glutes can be broken down with numerous amounts of activity and refueled with muscle growing foods. With the correct amount of stress, food, and rest these glute muscles can be shaped, lifted and grown to a reasonable desired size.

The goal is to work the glutes from all sides, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus. This allows the butt to properly be shaped. Here are a few movements that can be done for growth: deep squats, glute bridges, kettlebell swings, and glute kickbacks.

Once the muscles have been broken down through working out, it’s time to refuel with proper nutrients. Proper carbohydrates are good for refilling the muscle glycogen; which assists with recovery and growth. Here are a few great carbohydrate choices for building muscle: apples, pears, millet, quinoa, rice, and other fruits, vegetables and grains.

Be sure to have a trained professional to help you create a strategic eating plan to maximize your results. This can be the difference between you achieving your ideal butt in a few months (with help) or struggling for years (without any professional help). With a little hard work, you will be well on your way to that dream butt you’ve allows wanted.


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