If you ask your average american about eating a healthy diet you are more than likely going to hear a comment about how expensive it is. Now at first this may sound pretty accurate seeing that organic berries are usually $4.99, Organic pineapple $5-6, organic walnuts $13-18/lb, and the list goes on. Although these prices may seem pretty steep, Overstand that with the right knowledge, a small select group of foods will be all it takes to cover the full spectrum of your health needs.
As for the for the Standard american diet, “cheaper foods” can cost much more in time. Americans spend $37 a week on lunch or total up to $2,000 a year on lunch and about $1,000 a year on coffee. So if you’re a coffee drinker and eat out for lunch only 2-3 times a week you already spend $57.50 a week and we haven’t factored in breakfast food or dinner. Young adults’ average weekly food spending is $173 and according to USA today Americans spent $2.8 billion on candy last Halloween alone, and an annual $117 billion on fast food. The average american doesn’t budget each dollar that comes in and goes out, because of this, smaller purchases go unaccounted for but add up. If you choose to indulge in libations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American consumer dedicates 1 percent of all their spending to alcohol, or about $1 of every $100! Not to mention the pain pills and other medications you’ll need to purchase once the effects of these foods/beverages take place.
Bottomline, either way can cost you a good amount of money but the cheaper foods can and will result in some sort of discomfort/sickness. With that being said we then need to factor in money missed from sick time off from work, the price of doctor visits, price of medications, and even pain and suffering! Now that you have these few tools, contact a professional that you trust and have them help you form a healthier diet plan that fits your ideal budget.
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