Let me start off by saying that menstruation as we know it is not normal in healthy women, let me explain why. Menstruation is a process of hemorrhaging and flow of fresh blood. This along with cramps, back pains, and crazy sweet cravings should not be happening. Cramps can be caused from cyst/tumors, or liver stress from alcohol, sugar, and high levels of nitrogen. Heavy bleeding is also a product of liver stress, amino acid imbalance, adrenal stress and mineral deficiency.
The History of the 1 day cycle says that with the correct amount of minerals and balance diet, there will be no more than two or three drops of blood, no pain, and zero cravings. With this knowledge, these benefits have been experienced by many women today. What are these women doing to receive these types of lovely benefits?
Well here are a few helpful tips:
  • Increase intake of fruits
  • Lower intake of nitrogen( meat, dairy, eggs and sugar)
  • Daily intake of Magic Moss for minerals
  • Strategic fasting
  • Herbs
    • Red Clover
    • Primrose
    • Cats Claw
    • Chamomile

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