Magic Moss is a cell proliferating product that helps regenerate and rebuilds most cells in the body. Known as powerful sexual tonic, Magic Moss comes from the beautiful Caribbean and is composed of 92 of the 102 minerals the body is made of. It is packed with nutrients and minerals such as: protein, amino acids, chromium, B-vitamins, Bromine, zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, pectin, phosphorus, selenium, beta-carotene, vitamins A,C,E and K, Vitamins B1 and B12. This makes Magic Moss an excellent source of minerals. With a lack of minerals/nutrients in the average diet Magic Moss is great for everyday consumption. No matter the diet, everyone is affected by mineral deficiency, whether its Fast/junk food, High meat, paleo, pescetarian, vegetarian, Vegan, or even Raw vegan lifestyle. Majority of the soil has been depleted by up to 85% so we are all in need of added mineral intake.

The ingredients in this formula have long been recognized for its ability to help cure and abate the symptoms of colds, flu, diabetes, cancer ect. thus the eating of Magic moss forms an effective barrier to the ills of winter and life. Magic moss also contains potassium chloride, this chemical helps to dissolve catarrhs, which are responsible for the congestion associated with chest coughs, therefore, Magic moss provides a healthy natural alternative to the in many cases man made over the counter pharmaceutical cough and flu remedies.

Magic moss contains significant amounts of iodine, the thyroid gland exhibits a requirement for this ion, thus iodine is required for proper gland function, thus induce a change in the glandular system from disease to health. Iodine plays an important role in our ability to fight disease. Germs can gain access to the blood through cuts in the skin, through the nasal membranes and throat passages, or via the intestinal tract, or practically anywhere there is a rich supply blood close to an external surface. Iodine has a limited antimicrobial role, as blood circulates through the body it passes through the thyroid gland, iodine is secreted in to the blood stream through the thyroid, where it kills many of the weaker germs, whilst weakening some of the stronger germs.

Due to the strongly alkaline nature of Magic moss, has led to this sea vegetables use in the relief and cure of bunions. This fact has led to the use of Magic moss in the relief of the rigors of the day after excessive alcohol consumption, i.e. the hangover, it replaces much of the ion content that is leached from the body as a consequence of the dehydrating effect attributed to the consumption of alcohol.

If that isn’t enough from this powerful vegetable, it is also used daily as an sexual aphrodisiac by both men and women. Bottomline, its safe to say that no matter your current position or desired goals, Magic Moss is definitely something everyone should have!

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  1. Talene Anderson 4 years ago

    Hey, I would like to order the Magic Moss, but on the Magic of Sol website, shipping is almost $10. Is there somewhere I can pick it up?

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