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“I’ve been an athlete my entire life and swam for the Canadian National Swim Team in my teens. I was an alternate at the 1976 Olympics and then swam for the University of South Florida. My current focus is on Sprint Triathlons. I have been very competitive regionally but needed the extra push to make the USA team in my age group of 60-65.
Training with Tay was the exact push I needed! He has elevated me to the next level and his style of training is focused specifically on my individual goals. He is my best cheerleader, motivating and inspiring me to be a winner. He pushes me and encourages me to go beyond where I have ever gone before. He does this safely and effectively.
With his help on my total fitness, nutrition and strong core, I am now ranked second in the country in my age group and will be one of 10 age group triathletes representing the USA at the ITU World Sprint Triathlon Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands in September 2017. I could not have achieved this feat without the incredible support and training expertise of Tay

-Rick M.-

“I began training with Tay after sustaining repeated injuries from my previous work out regiment. Tay has been able to help me recover from these injuries, while still making progress in my fitness goals. Tay has transformed my life. I am grateful for Tay’s intelligent approach to personal training.
Not only am I in the best physical shape of my life, but I have developed a discipline to diet and nutrition that I never thought was possible.

-Alex J.-

I am doing great!!! I love this program it is effortless!!  I am sitting here sipping on my green juice now, and lemon zinger tea.  I do not have the cravings and aches and pains that I was having 2 weeks ago.  The bloating is gone, my skin is clearing up.  I love the eating schedule because now it just comes natural.


 “I’ve had been through multiple testing and scanning these past few months and the doctors could not find anything wrong with me. I was prescribed muscle relaxers and the works. Nothing eased up. Since fully (keyword fully) committing to your plan three weeks ago. I feel NO pain now and my abdomen pains have disappeared. We are definitely what we eat!! I don’t think about eating fried foods. I know that eating foods like this attributed to the pains I felt.


 “Yeast yeast yeast was not friend and after watching a few of the Vegan Trainers videos I decided to give Magic Moss a try. What did I have to lose. Since October 2015 I started taking Magic Moss in the morning and at night, eating from 12pm-8pm and cut out all white carbs, sugars, etc. Since I started this journey and changed my eating habits I have lost almost 30 lbs, my skin complexion has changed, my yeast is non detectable (hey!!!!), & my cycles are MUCH lighter. Woop woop! Thank you Magic Moss and Mr Vegan Trainer


 “I feel so free and in control now the clean eating just gives me so much clarity and I am not obsessed about the weight loss, just because I feel great.  However the weight reduction is a bonus.


 “Best trainer EVER!!! This guy is so knowledgeable, the Lifestyle Program changed my life forever! I now have a clean bill of health, abs for the first time and my wife appreciates the other added benefits if you know what I mean. Hands down the Vegan Trainer has the best program and products on the internet!


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